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Legend has it...

The year is 2140 and the last Bitcoin has been minted. Poverty and misery have been eradicated from humanity, thanks to the decentralized powers of The Blockchain. All citizens in the world are now financially free.
While all the world celebrates the long dreamed achievement, a mysterious scientist is profoundly worried. He goes by the name of Natoshi Sakamoto.
Decades before, humanity suffered from unemployment and inequality. Now, people around the world, in all industries, are slowly quitting their jobs. Doctors, engineers, policemen, and so on... The word "entrepreneurship" became a legend. Even the most essential services are now seeing workers leave their responsibilities for the sake of enjoying their lives. "Carpe diem", after all.
Natoshi Sakamoto was aware it could all come to this, and invested the past decades of his life developing his new project – the Bitizens. These digital citizens are more workaholic than any human could ever be. And they were programmed to happily take any job declined by humans.

A Metaverse of Games

Bitizens are now part of the world we know. But, in addition to providing invaluable support to humans, they also live their own lives in a parallel world, called Metaverse. When Bitizens go to work, they are providing something of value to humans, but they also have their own needs, such as having a family and having fun!
And how do we, humans, interact with Bitizens in their Metaverse? Through games! That is right. If we have more free time, given that Bitizens are doing much of our work, what better way to interact with our “helpers” than playing and having fun along the way?
Such games include small aspects of the Bitizens' lives. For instance, the “Get to Work” game - the first Play-to-Earn game in this Metaverse - focuses mainly on the jobs they will perform, but also touches on where they live (resting), how they go to work (transportation) and how they educate themselves (graduation). And there will be many more games to come!
Having a Play-to-Earn game from the beginning means, for you - the human/player - a real source of profit in the real world (you will earn tokens while you play!). In addition to, of course, having lots of fun!
You can find more details about our first game here and information regarding the other features of the Metaverse here.

Bitizens: The Key to The Metaverse

Owning a Bitizen is the key to the Bitizens Metaverse! Initially, you can own a Bitizen by either generating one in a Bitbox or buying them on the Marketplace. Every game is only accessible with a Bitizen! After all, the games are all about their lives and routine.
In summary, owning a Bitizen will be both fun and profitable. After all, they are highly productive and workaholic beings. They work for the feeling of purpose, not the love for money. And that's why all the profit they make goes to their holder.

Workaholix NFT: The VIP Card

Here is the VIP section! Do you want to go way beyond playing the games, while also multiplying your ways to generate real profit within Bitizens? Then you are in the right place!
Owning a Workaholix NFT gives you exclusive accesses, including (but not limited to) the following:
  • Claim a Bitbox periodically and for free, so you can be among the first ones to own a Bitizen and keep increasing how many you own.
  • Guaranteed IDO spot for $BTZ and future utility tokens (more information here).
  • Guaranteed spots on Real Estate, Stock Market and other sales (more information here and here).
  • Access to the NFT staking rewards.
  • A seat in the City Hall - Bitizen’s DAO (more information here).
  • Whitelist spots on projects that have partnership with Bitizens.
The Workaholix NFT is also how you get early access to the metaverse!
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