What are Skills?

All bitizens have 5 attributes that are called skills. The list of skills is the same among all bitizens, what changes among them is the amount of these skills, which can range from 0 to 10.
Skills allow players to discover the work environment in which a bitizen feels more satisfied and productive, generating more BTZ.

Which are the Skills?

  • Creative;
  • Food;
  • Intellect;
  • Sales;
  • Service;
Did you know that some bitizens are rarer than others?
Bitizens are categorized in rarities: worker, weirdo, workaholic, epic, and legendary. This factor will be explained in the next topics.

How does a Skill impact salary?

In addition to the disclosed salary, Skills allow you to receive a bonus which is calculated as follows:
SkillBonus=0.2BTZ∗SkillValueSkill Bonus = 0.2BTZ * Skill Value
For Instance:
A job related to Food, which salary is 2BTZ:
  • A bitizen with skill Food 01 would earn a final salary of 2.2 BTZ (2 BTZ + 0.2 BTZ * 1)
  • A bitizen with skill Food 05 would earn a final salary of 3.0 BTZ (2 BTZ + 0.2 BTZ * 5)
  • A bitizen with skill Food 10 would earn a final salary of 4.0 BTZ (2 BTZ + 0.2 BTZ * 10)
This example shows how a higher skill value can impact on a bitizen's productivity and satisfaction.
Hint: Remember to prioritize job offers related to the greater skill of your bitizen.