The Workaholix NFT is a ERC721 Token on Polygon. Both minting and trading will take place on OpenSea (ETH on Polygon).
The limited quantity of NFTs and their minting price will be announced at the Launch date.
Owning a Workaholix NFT gives you VIP status in the Bitizen Metaverse. Some of the exclusive benefits a NFT holder will get are listed below:
  • Claim a Bitbox periodically and for free, so you can be among the first ones to own a Bitizen and keep increasing how many you own.
  • Guaranteed IDO spot for $BTZ and future utility tokens (more information here).
  • Guaranteed spots on Real Estate, Stock Market and other sales (more information here and here).
  • Access to the NFT staking rewards
  • A seat in the City Hall - Bitizen’s DAO (more information here).
  • Whitelist spots on projects that have partnership with Bitizens.