Stock Market
For a society to properly function, a heavy and expensive infrastructure is required. For example, in order to commute between home and workplace or between job shifts, Bitizens need transportation.
Such service is a valuable asset for Bitizens, since it helps them save time on their job shift. Additionally, the transportation services allow players to schedule jobs in advance, making the game process more efficient.
Creating a transport company (whether it’s a bus line or a taxi fleet) is expensive. But what if you could own a piece of such a company? In the Stock Market this is possible! You will be able to own shares of those companies and get a share of their profit, increasing your $BTZ earnings.
That's exciting, right? Phase 2 is coming soon and you'll be able to own stocks of the companies that provide the much needed infrastructure to the Bitizens Metaverse.
The Stock Market will open in Phase 2.
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